The pillar of our business is research and development. We keep initiating R+D projects, researching for new uses of microorganisms. Our research team has representatives from all the relevant disciplines that is agricultural engineering, biology, chemistry and mechanical engineering.

Our well-equipped microbiology laboratory and production plant provides for covering the entire value added chain.

Development projects in the past few years:


2006-2008: Possibilities to use environmentally friendly products in ecological tomato production


2007-2008: Creating the basis for the development of bio-innovation services, products and technologies and starting such projects in the region Western Transdanubia (Nyugat-Dunántúli Régió)


2008-2010: Developing biological insecticide and nematicide products


2009-2012: Biological Innovation Centre for Sustainable Rural Development


2004-2007: Integrated control of ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) with special regard to the use of pathogen fungi


2005-2007: Forcing based on biological control in green peppers


2006-2008: Biological control in sunflower monocultures


2008-2010: Development of a biological fungicide for the powdery mildew of grapes


2016-2018: Development of microbial products for sustainable agricultural production and the improvement of ecological farming


2017-2021: Development of production technology solutions and a knowledge base to meet the challenges of the climate change and sustainable agricultural production